Winner of this year’s INDEGA IPM INNOVATION AWARD – 2SaveEnergy (F-Clean™ Film)

An economical solution for commercial greenhouses has been launched which is a roofing system from the company “2SaveEnergy”. The system has won the INDEGA IPM Innovation Award during one of the biggest horticultural exhibitions in Europe, IPM Essen in Germany. The award was presented by Frank Lock, President of the Representation of Interests of the German Horticultural Industry (INDEGA).

The voting committee was won over by the practicality, energy savings and cost effectiveness of the greenhouse growing system because the 2017 focus was on “innovations and new technical features relating to all aspects of products for the regional and supraregional production of vegetables”.

The product is a combination of glass and AGC’s diffused F-Clean™ film, an ETFE film created as an alternative to glass for greenhouses. The benefits of ETFE film include high levels of light and UV transmission.  The special film surface allows the natural sunlight to be scattered, granting ideal light and growth conditions for the vegetables, herbs, flowers or plants inside.

The glass used in this innovative system has an anti-reflective coating. This, coupled with the excellent insulation of the system, enables owners to increase crop production and simultaneously save 50% on their energy costs.

The 2SaveEngergy Consortium is a collaboration between five companies (VDH Plastic Greenhouses, Van der Valk Horti Systems, BOAL Systems and AGC Green-tech and AGC Chemicals Europe). There is a dedicated website available offering more information about this award-winning system: