F-CLEAN™ is a fluoropolymer (ETFE) film which improves the growth efficiency of fruits, vegetables and plants inside greenhouses. This film has a higher transmission rate of light and UV than glass, polyethylene or polycarbonate, allowing the full spectrum of solar light to pass through into the growing area. This results in more production, earlier blooms and more colourful petals, as well as sweeter fruit and better quality vegetables.

F-CLEAN™ is treated with an anti-drip coating, preventing water drops from forming and potential drip damage to the crop. Due to the low surface energy of the fluoropolymer film, dirt gets washed away easily by rain and snow, so excellent light conditions can be expected year-round.

  • Remains naturally clean for years due to its low surface energy properties

  • Excellent UV light transmission (up to 90%) – also available in a ‘UV Cut’ version

  • Excellent durability due to minimal effects of ageing on tensile strength – over 30 years’ service life

  • Lightweight but strong, requiring minimal structural support

  • Self-extinguishing – tested to fire safety standard DIN4102, Class B-1