• Cuts over 99% of visible light, providing a cool environment even in hot weather
  • Blocks heat energy from solar light, which prevents the internal temperature from rising
  • The solar heat gain coefficient is 24% equivalent to that of F-CLEAN™ Soft Shine
  • Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance
  • Extremely high absorption of infrared light
  • Higher snow resistance compared to F-CLEAN™ Clear
  • Standard dimensions: 100µm x 1300mm x 50m with anti-dripping treatment
  • The film can be welded if wider dimensions are required
  • Special repair tape is available for F-CLEAN™ Grey


Properties by Wavelength (Light Transmission)

F Clean Grey Properties By Wavelength


  • Animal housing
  • Warehousing
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Sports facilities
  • Greenhouses
  • Sewage disposal facilities
Irrigation Room

Irrigation room

Machinery Warehouse

Machinery warehouse

animal housing

Animal housing

*covered with alternating clear and white film

fish farm

Fish farm facility

Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation

Sewage disposal facility

Sewage disposal facility