F-CLEAN™ Diffused

  • Diffuses light evenly, eliminating shadows
  • Extremely high haze level of 60 – 70%
  • Condensation does not negatively affect the light transmitting. If condensation forms on the film’s matte surface, the surface changes to clear
  • Enhancement of overall photosynthetic capacity
  • Available in two grades: Clear and GR (mild UV cut)


Optical Properties

Comparison of F-CLEAN™ Clear and Diffused

F-CLEAN™ Clear

F-CLEAN™ Diffused

Tests done by the Dutch Agricultural Research Institute Wageningen University

Comparison between Levels of Photosynthesis (Crop: Cucumbers)

Greenhouses with diffused film recorded a 4.3% increase in yield and a 7.8% increase in numbers compared to greenhouses with clear film.

Photometer Data

Location of measurement: Kochi, Nankoku-shi, Japan

Photon Flux Density in Greenhouses

Photo Flux densiry in Greenhouse

The photometer results show no difference in photon levels of clear film and diffused film whether the weather is sunny or

Note: Photometer: Equipment which measures light transmission of photon with an angle of incidence of 270°

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Would you choose F-CLEAN™ Diffused again?

F-Clean Customer Satisfaction Pie Chart

The light from F-CLEAN™ Diffused is safe and comfortable for both crops and people.

Case Studies

F-clean 60 um diffused

Grade: 60μm Diffused
Crop: Strawberries
Place: Tochigi

F-clean 80um diffused

Grade: 80μm GR Diffused
Crop: Chrysanthemums
Place: Ibaraki

Grade: 80μm GR Diffused
Crop: Tomatoes
Place: Aichi

Note: The benefits of F-CLEAN™ Diffused may not be maximised with certain conditions or crops. For more information please contact your local sales office.