There is a new combination product commercially available, known as “2SaveEnergy”, which provides an economical way of controlling energy costs inside greenhouses.

The “2SaveEnergy” growing system is the result of a joint project between the companies AGC Chemicals/AGC Greentech, Van der Valk Horti Systems and BOAL Systems.

It is made up of a lower layer of insulation provided by the Diffused grade of F-CLEAN™ film which then has a 2nd layer of glass on top of it.

This 2-layer roof-covering device is renowned for high transmission rates of both light and UV. The ventilation cavity between the F-CLEAN™ layer and the glass layer also provides additional insulation.

Because of the impressive price-performance ratio of “2SaveEnergy” it was nominated and then also short-listed for an innovation award at Greentech 2016 in Amsterdam within the ‘Equipment’ section.