F-CLEAN™ GR Series (UV Cut)

  • Three grades of UV cut film available to suit the needs of different plants
  • Protection of materials and tools from UV damage
  • UV cut function does not deteriorate over time

F-CLEAN™ GR Product Range

  • F-CLEAN™ GR provides low UV cut (clear/diffused)
  • F-CLEAN™ GR80 provides UV cut properties similar to glass (clear)
  • F-CLEAN™ GRUV provides the highest UV cut in the F-CLEAN™ series (clear)


Light Transmission by Grade

Angle of Incidence and Solar Light Transmission

Crop Examples

Performance of the GR Series on Specific Crops


  • Honeybees may behave differently under UV cut conditions – professional bee keeping advice should be sought
  • Care should be taken when using F-CLEAN™ GR grades if the crop colour relies on anthocyanin